Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Event Giveaways on other Blogs Part 3

Mommy Katie is hosting a Home for the Holidays Giveaway Event that began on October, 22, 2010.  The prizes range from stocking stuffers to toys for the kids to gifts for mom and dad.  So head on over and enter these amazing giveaways before they end.  Here are some of the ones that I am entering that I hope to win for my family:

Fisher Price Bigfoot the Monster Giveaway enter here before November 30, 2010 before 12 midnight.

Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Zip Zoom and Logging Adventure enter here before Nov. 30.

Lalaloopsy Dolls (3 winners) enter here before November 29, 2010. 

Fisher Price Kid Tough Music Player enter here before November 29, 2010.

Fisher Price iXL enter here before November 28, 2010.

We Really Did It Dora enter here before November 27, 2010.

Tonka's Chuck and Friends Handy's Hangtime Bridge Playset enter here before November 23, 2010.

FurReal Friends Newborn Puppy enter here before November 21, 2010.

Sodastream Giveaway enter here before November 15, 2010.

Mixpups giveaway enter here before November 14, 2010.

Zuvo Water Purator giveaway enter here before November 12, 2010.

Epson Printer Giveaway enter here before November 11, 2010.

Go! Go! Sports Girl Doll giveaway enter here before November 11, 2010.

Remember, these giveaways all have different end dates and please check giveaway post to make sure date hasn't been changed.  Good luck to all that enter.

Holiday Gift Guide Event Giveaways on other Blogs Part 2

Mama Must Have It is having a Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Event that ends on November 22, 2010 12 noon PST.  Some of the giveaways being hosted are listed below, so head over and enter before it's too late.

Juice Beauty Giveaway enter here.

Nimli Giveaway enter here.

Divine Beautification Giveaway enter here.

Mermaids Dream Giveaway enter here.

GummyLump Toys Giveaway enter here.

RCA Small Wonder Giveaway enter here.

Finley and Oliver Giveaway enter here.

Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller Giveaway enter here.

Coffee Bag Chick Giveaway enter here.

Hayneedle $100 GC Giveaway enter here.

Tickled Pink Girls Giveaway enter here.

Don't forget the giveaway end date on all of these giveaways are November 22, 2010 and there are even more giveaways listed that I haven't mentioned.  Good Luck.

Holiday Gift Guide Event Giveaways on other Blogs Part 1

Faithfully Free and Frugal is having a Christmas Giveaway Event in which the winner will receive 4K in prizes.  This will all go to one winner (that's right one winner!). The theme is a "Gift for Everyone" and you can take a peek into her "Holiday Gift Guide" to see what prizes you will win and the prizes range from everything from stocking stuffers (Elmers products) to games and a Radio Flyer Slider Rider.  So head over and check it out and enter here before December 1, 2010 8 am CST.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Share & Scare: HalloweenExpress.com Review & Givea...

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Share & Scare: HalloweenExpress.com Review & Givea...: "Review & Giveaway (US only) So what are you going to be this Halloween? It was difficult deciding what the kids should be for Halloween..."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Bash Event

Get Ready to Party! Rachel from Second Time Around and Natalie from The Adventures of Paul & Natalie are celebrating their Birthdays in October. So from October 3rd to October 29th, you can enter to win lots of great prizes! Go check out either of their blogs now to get extra entries into the giveaway!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What I thought about "Love in the Afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas

I am a long time fan of Lisa Kleypas and I don't think there is a book (historical or contemporary) that she has written that I haven't enjoyed.  I finished reading "Love in the Afternoon" within a day or two (yep I am one of those readers who can finish a book within the same day or the next day), because I love to read.  This book was the fifth and final installment in the historical romance series based on the Hathaway family.  I loved the entire series until I got to this book.

"Love in the Afternoon" is based on the adventures of the youngest sibling named Beatrix Hathaway and if you have read the previous books then you know she relates more to animals than she does to people.  So throughout reading the series I always wondered how the author would tell Beatrix story.  I felt as though the romance was more of an afterthought to the author and it was all about Beatrix trying to soothe a wounded soldier (as she would an animal).  I didn't hate the book, but I didn't enjoy it either. The best part was revisiting the Hathaway family one last time through Beatrix's character.  I felt as though her story was told the best way possible based on how her character was represented throughout the previous books, and I found her story very uninteresting.

So, this is my opinion of this book and by no means reflect what I think of Lisa Kleypas previous work.

Publish Post

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What am I reading....

Well as you can tell by my blog title I love to read books and I love, love, love my kids and not in that order.  Right now I am reading "Love in the Afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas which I really like, but not as much as the previous books she has written in this series (installment) involving the Hathaway clan (family).  I almost finished with the book, so I am going to withhold my final judgement before I rate this book.  So if you have a chance, hop on over to Lisa Kleypas site and check out her book list.  She is a favorite author of mine and I absolutely love historical fiction, but also pretty much whatever she writes is really well written.

About to lose my mind

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed here at home.  In the last year since giving birth, I have been going through a metamorphosis.  I am not sure what it is.  I am usually a very organized person, but lately I feel as though I am falling in pieces and don't know how to begin to pick them up.  I don't know if I am just depressed or if I am just not 100% fully recovered from my experience of almost dying (will post about this another time, to emotional) when giving birth.  I just know that I am not the same and I still can't get back in the groove of things. I just don't know.  (Shaking my head, right now).  (Deep breath).  I guess I'll try to read a book while the baby is asleep before deciding what to cook for dinner.....I really feel that I am about to lose my mind......

PS. I will try to post more instead of just looking at the computer and not knowing what to say and just say it, after all it is MY blog.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Step Into Summer Blog Party

Beginning June 21, Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go are teaming up together for a blog party.  This is their way of kicking off the summer and giving their faithful followers chances to win great prizes in the giveaways that they will be hosting.

As summer approaches, I am getting very excited.  This will be the first time in a few years that I will be able to go the beach with my family.  The past few years we had been trying to have a baby and after losing my sons, we finally had a daughter last year.  So this year we will be attending the beach with our new little one in tow and I am so excited.  My girls really deserve this after everything we have been through this past year and they all made the honor roll or principal list.

So go over and join the blog party, we moms deserve to have fun too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

V-Tech MobiGo Smart Toy for kids Giveaways Galore

V-tech recently released a new toy the VTech MobiGo which has a touch screen, qwerty keyboard and a directional pad. It has great learning games that can be purchased separately for $19.99 and free downloads will be coming soon for this new product.  All around the blogsphere there have been great giveaways for this item and so far the feedback has been positive.  I am trying to win at least one of these from the many blogs having giveaways for my daughter who would love and benefit from having one.  Here are some blogs that are offering giveaways for  the Vtech MobiGo:

Nine More Months:  enter here giveaway ends June 25, 2010 at 9 PST.
And Twins Make 5: enter here giveaway ends July 1, 2010 at 11:59 CST.
Sugar Pop Ribbons: enter here giveaway ends June 18, 2010 at 11:59 PST.
A Moms Impression: enter here giveaway ends June 15, 2010 at Midnight.
The Mommy Files: enter here giveaway ends June 13, 2010 11:59 PST.
Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports:  enter here giveaway ends June 19, 2010 at 10:00 pm CST.

Win a Sesame Street Kolcraft Party Pack

Recently I discovered three new blogs and these three ladies decided to team up and celebrate their children's birthdays by hosting a Birthday Celebration giveaway.  I am trying to win the Kolcraft Sesame Street prize packs which include a Sesame Street Learn with me Potty, Recline n Dine high chair and a Tiny Steps 2-in-1 walker.  I would love to with these products for my baby and you can check out a review and pictures of these products from Kolcraft here.  You can enter the giveaways at each of the blogs below:

Monkey Mayhem enter here.
Our Ordinary Life enter here.
The Jaka Files enter here.

The Step 2 Play Up Double Slide Climber Giveaway at The Shopping Mama

Summer has arrived and with it brings the end of a long school year for my girls.  This year with limited funds I would love to be able to offer them more activities around our home.  This Step 2 Play Up Double Slide Climber Giveaway at The Shopping Mama would be great.  She gave a great review of the product which shows that even with it's compact size it offers plenty to keep the kids busy during the summer.  So please head over to the Shopping Mama to enter here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reflecting on the past few days....

My youngest daughter in school will be out of school tomorrow, her two older sisters are already out because they finished exams on Monday.  This promises to be another long summer with limited funds.  So I have been looking at free or next to cheap things for my girls to do this summer.  We usually go the our two local theaters here (Regal and Carmike) for the kids summer movies during the summer. Another event we attend is the "movie in the park" provided by our local recreation and parks.  I enroll them every year in the summer reading program provided by our local library.  But other than that there isn't much to participate that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  But I decided to do something different since my oldest two will be juniors and help encourage the bonding before they leave for college.  They will began taking sewing and cooking lessons from my grandmother who makes everything from scratch and can probably promote her own clothing line on etsy if she wanted, which will help them become more independent young women and they spend time with their great grandmother.  I will help them start their own blog dealing with book and movie reviews and probably some fashion tips.  I have many other ideas which should keep them occupied for next to nothing, so stay tuned for our journey.......

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Living Event starts June 1, 2010

Beginning June 1, a new blog that I just started following http://taketimetosmelltherose.blogspot.com is starting a new healthy living event.  This event was born from her switch to a new healthy living lifestyle she began 3 months ago.  This event will include awesome giveaways from over 20 different companies.  So swing on by and "Take time to smell the roses" to start a new healthy living lifestyle for yourself also.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello, to you....

My name is Tabathia and I am mom to four girls ages 9 months to 16 years and 3 angels.  I am currently a sahm who loves to read and save money by clipping coupons and shopping sales.  This is actually my second blog, but due to time demands and the loss of my son I closed it and deleted that blog which mainly dealt with living frugally.  I created this blog for many different reasons, so that I can voice my opinions on various subjects, because I love entering giveaways and so that I can connect with other bloggers.  So, here I go....