Why did you start entering giveaways?

This is a post that I have started on several times in the past.  The reason it has been so hard to start is because of the reason or reasons that drew me to entering giveaways.  I gave birth to my last child in July 2009.  It was a very hard pregnancy with lots of complications and because of these complications during and after delivery I became very depressed.

My husband helped me out for a few months since he was laid off work and I was physically recovering from a difficult pregnancy and delivery which ended me up in ICU briefly and a two week stay in the hospital.

After he returned to work, I become very lonely and withdrawn.  Now I love to read, but for some reason there were times when I just didn't want to and wanted another way to socialize with others.  I had started couponing back around 2004 because of a local article in the News and Observer featuring a local couponer and I became hooked.  I often searched for local resources or blogs that featured couponing or ways to save money and found Money Saving Mom and she was hosting a contest/giveaway for some Tyson products coupons.  I received an email over several weeks later that I won and became hooked on entering giveaways and receiving free items.

This helped me focus on something else besides feeling lonely.  I started going back out into the community, taking my kids to the park and going back to my favorite place in the world....the library.

I really enjoy entering giveaways, they often give me a way to provide things for my family that we wouldn't otherwise be able to afford or things I wouldn't normally purchase.

Why did you start entering giveaways?  Do you find them to time consuming? Do you keep the things that you win for your family?


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