New Fall Shows I Can't Wait For

It's the beginning of the school year, which means fall is on it's way which means football season, an upcoming basketball season, baseball playoffs and of course a new fall television season.  Every year many shows premiere and only a handful make the cut.  It seems every year a show that I fall in love with is always cut so I look forward to the fall season with a lot of trepidation.  This upcoming fall tv season has an eclectic mix at best.  There are shows premiering that are remakes, shows dated in the 1960s, and of course there are always new cop shows that seem to premiere, but one unusually thing I noted has been the onslaught of scifi type of shows.  I love scifi shows and am a big fan of SciFi network (which is now SyFy).  Here are some of the shows that I am anticipating the premiere of in no particular order.

1.  The River (ABC)

2.  Terra Nova (FOX)

3. Alcatraz (FOX)

4. American Horror Story (FX)

5. Grimm (NBC)

6. Awake (NBC)

7. Suburgatory (ABC)

8. Prime Suspect (NBC)

9. Hell on Wheels (AMC)

10.Persons of Interest (CBS)

Honorable Mention (Shows I have interest in also)
1. Homeland (Showtime)
2. Secret Circle (CW)
3. Revenge (ABC)
4.The Finder (FOX)
5. Hart of Dixie (CW)

Shows I will peek at (but probably have no hope of being picked up)
1. A Gifted Man (CBS)
2. Touch (FOX)
3. Unforgettable (CBS)
4. Scandal (ABC)
5. Once Upon a Time (ABC)

I don't have any comedies listed, because many of the ones that have previewed don't really stand out or look interesting.  I hate to say it but I don't any of the new comedies will be a knock out hit like Modern Family and Cougar Town were when they premiered over two years ago.  I guess we will see which of the shows out of my top ten and honorable mention will make it, but if they look as good as they previewed then they will be probably get cut and they will get replaced with less interesting (boring) shows.  Isn't this what always happens when a brilliant and well written show premieres without 10 million viewers?


  1. I've heard that Prime Suspect is really good, and I'm actually looking forward to Once Upon a Time. Other than that, I had looked forward to Up All Night, New Girl and Ringer. I love new TV! :)

  2. I recorded Terra Nova but haven't watched it yet! I was excited about the return of Modern Family though!

  3. Hope your shows have turned out worth watching. I never get to watch prime time TV. My evenings are crazy. If they are worth watching they will go into 2nd season and then I can watch them on netflix! lol
    Thanks for stopping in and entering my Redbox movie giveaway! Good luck.

  4. We love Terra Nova so far....

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  5. Out of those I really love the show Revenge. That show is awesome!

  6. i am totally loving the new fall tv shows! i am hooked on hart of dixie, ringer, new girl, american horror story, revenge, a gifted man, and once upon a time. i am also gonna start watching the secret circle. :D

    <3, Mimi
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  7. I am waiting for Revenge and Homeland to come out on DVD. I just missed the boat on Revenge and can't watch Homeland because I canceled my premium cable.
    Thanks for the list -- and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Ok, so I didn't even know you had a blog! You know what's sad? I didn't recognize any of those new shows. I'm hopelessly stuck on reality tv, except for Modern Family. I'm crazy about that show!

  9. i love most of these shoes, can't wait!

  10. I can't seem to stay up later than my kids half the time, so I'm afraid I'll have to catch up on shows in several years. I guess by then I'll know whether they are any good or not!


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