About to lose my mind

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed here at home.  In the last year since giving birth, I have been going through a metamorphosis.  I am not sure what it is.  I am usually a very organized person, but lately I feel as though I am falling in pieces and don't know how to begin to pick them up.  I don't know if I am just depressed or if I am just not 100% fully recovered from my experience of almost dying (will post about this another time, to emotional) when giving birth.  I just know that I am not the same and I still can't get back in the groove of things. I just don't know.  (Shaking my head, right now).  (Deep breath).  I guess I'll try to read a book while the baby is asleep before deciding what to cook for dinner.....I really feel that I am about to lose my mind......

PS. I will try to post more instead of just looking at the computer and not knowing what to say and just say it, after all it is MY blog.



  1. First Thanks for stopping by Misadventures and commenting!

    And Second you are NOT alone! I have 4 kiddos (6 here for the summer) and I feel like this all.of.the.time! My youngest will be 2 in October and I have been in a huge funk since she was born. Sometimes it makes me feel so guilty that I just cannot feel happy or get excited about things like I used to, but then I realize that I am only human and things will get better!

    Big hugs!

  2. Awww, poor thing. Having a baby wreaks havoc on our hormones! They are so darn cute but man do they mess up our body!

    Get some me time in girl!


  3. Certainly you are NOT alone. First thing...having a baby can totally blow away your organization...Period! Trying to be perfectly organized with a little one is not good for you OR them. (believe me...I tried it when a mom of my first 2, many years ago).

    Second...the lost sleep, hormones, trying to get your body back to looking HALF way like you used to...it all takes its toll.
    Reading is a good escape. I did a lot of it while really sick the past few years...until I found the blogging world. Now, it keeps me up. Lost sleep is the one thing that makes you feel MOST overwhelmed. Remember the triangle...good nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Your body and mind cant repair without it and we cant be good mommies without taking care of ourselves first.
    WOW...you almost died? I know that feeling and it eats at your emotionally to trust your body not to "give out" again, expecially when you have kids. sure hope you are doing better now, as I see this post is kind of old.
    take care sweetie!

  4. Yes - you are not alone! I've felt the same way for a couple of years now, and had a mini-breakdown last year. I'm still fighting my way back, but some days it is overwhelming. I'm with Eileen on this one...she has some great thoughts, the same I would give you.
    Try to keep yourself busy -but not too busy. Read, journal..PRAY. Prayer is the #1 thing that has gotten me through these rough times. Some days I feel like all I do is pray. If you ever want to chat...email me and I'd be happy to!


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